DroneData Introduces a Line of GPU Accelerated Servers

DroneData® (Dallas, TX) has introduced a line of GPU accelerated servers configured to address the bottlenecks in revenue capture experienced by commercial drone operators.

Operators are already experiencing:

  • Migrating data to the processing computer can take hours with typical home/office internet connections
  • Image processing with Pix4D or other mapping applications can take days depending on the data set size
  • Delivering a live functional 3D model to a customer for their internal collaboration is cumbersome.

DroneData non-virtualized “Always On” dedicated servers address all these bottlenecks and more.

DroneData servers execute Windows applications considerably faster than I7 GPU desktops, move data on/off at blazing speeds for processing, support full mobile access and at a cost effective fixed price per month.  DroneData accomplishes this by utilizing data center resident GPU equipped servers with data center connectivity all while maintaining the familiar Windows environment. Unlike virtualized cloud processing, DroneData users have their dedicated Windows server in the DroneData data center and their servers and storage is not shared among other clients thus creating a more secure environment for sensitive drone collected data.

The need for processing power has already outpaced  i7 GPU desktops and is going to increase dramatically again as drone use cases expand and as more compute hungry analytics applications go main stream. Within one year, drone photogrammetry mapping capabilities are producing results previously only available by utilizing expensive aircraft/helicopter flown laser mapping and imaging systems.

Take a look at Pix4D processing times produced by the DroneData Render Server, the DroneData Back Office Server and a typical GPU laptop at DroneData Products Demo

DroneData server products and pricing can be viewed at  Dronedata Products

DroneData offers an 8 hour free trial for commercial operators that may want to witness the time savings of server class processing with data center connectivity and full mobility.

Commercial drone operators using utilizing mapping applications from  Pix4D, AgiSoft, and ESRI should visit DroneData.