DroneData GPU Servers Are Arriving

btn-rocket-01DroneData® Render Engines utilize dedicated GPU enabled servers to dramatically improve processing times for Pix4D Mapper as well as any Window’s applications needing GPU accelerationThe Back Office Engine is ideal for hosting mission critical third party applications and also provides limited rendering capability.The Application Development Engine is a cost effective programming platform for drone software which executes on GPU enabled hardware.

We’ve pre-configured GPU dedicated servers to act and feel like the windows desktop you and your team are accustomed to using. The turbo-charged processing speeds the DroneData engines deliver allows you to complete projects in less time, ultimately helping you make MORE money.

Here are a few things you can expect from running resource intensive drone applications and back office apps on the DroneData suite of engines:

Save on Upfront Capital Investment

Back office desktops with acceptable rendering horsepower diminish available capital for additional pilots, drones and camera equipment.  Accelerate your capacity to deliver more jobs timely and preserve capital by using the DroneData Engine servers via a no upfront and no term monthly subscription.

Deliver Completed Mosaics Faster

Shave hours off processing time. Using Pix4D benchmark test with the Agriculture 520 file data set, the DroneData Render Engine performed more than 33% better than the best performing Intel i7 desktops. As data sets become larger with more complex render parameters, the multiple processor and high core count Engine handle increasing workloads easily over desktops.

Access From Anywhere

Whether in the field, home office, or a satellite office, the suite of DroneData Engines can be accessed from anywhere via any device and concurrently by multiple users. This access allows you to start, modify, or review projects without returning to home base. As pilots complete the flight, a few simple steps can upload the files and start the Engine rendering.

Enable the Team

The DroneData suite is meant to enable the entire operations team. From pre-flight to data analysis and everything in-between, all team members can be granted Engine access to accelerate project delivery. As the pilot completes the mission and uploads the data set to the engine, team members can pick up where he left off as the pilot moves on to the next site.

As demand for commercial drone services increases, the DroneData Engine can reduce back office bottlenecks and allow you to focus on earning more.

Dronedata suite of Engines are a cost effective solution for hosting applications requiring GPU acceleration. The custom Engine solutions support the high render performance needed by most drone operators, back office application server with lightweight additional rendering capabilities, and a minimal hardware configuration for software application developers requiring GPU acceleration.

DroneData Render Engine Servers require a valid Pix4D software license.