Hosted GPU Servers


DroneData® deployed the first Hosted High Performance Compute (HPC) server in 2014 utilizing a Windows IBM server accelerated by a single Nvidia K420 GPU and solid state drives. This new HPC drone analytics platform provided full mobility and reduced processing times by 50% over the desktops and laptops being used to generate drone operator’s point cloud models, terrain models and 3D orthomosaic models.

Accelerated HPC servers deployed today support the rapid increased demand for more calculating power. Drone analytics and drone photogrammetry apps continue to digest larger count image datasets while the new demand from Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, eGaming, eRenderng and other app classes continues spiraling upward. DroneData Windows and Linux Accelerated HPC servers are uniquely designed to be agnostic to the application software layer.


DroneData is the only hosting provider of Accelerated HPC servers that support the entire commercial product line of Nvidia Quadro GPUs and Nvidia Tesla Accelerators.  From under 200 visual computing cores to over 20,000 computing cores per server, DroneData Intel i7 server offerings deliver more Floating Point Operations per Second (FLOPS) than any other hosted server provider including all the brand name cloud computing providers.

DroneData Accelerated HPC servers utilize “single-tenant occupied” dedicated server hardware. In other words, “We Don’t Virtualize”. No sharing of CPU/GPU/Accelerator assets among other users and with no loss of server cycles supporting the cloud provider’s virtual environment management software layer.   DroneData dedicated hardware architecture allows applications to execute from a native (Wiki) Windows Server, Linux Centos or Linux Ubunto O/S environment as if the server was local. End users enjoy administrator privileges over their server, easy access to their Nvidia Control Panel and pain free driver installations.


DroneData HPC servers, even prior to the installation of Nvidia acceleration, outperform all cloud based server hardware. A proprietary engineered marriage of best in class server motherboard, flash storage, memory, chassis, cooling, power supply, connectivity and the latest performance tuned Intel i7 Broadwell CPUs operating continuously 25% beyond all comparable Dell/IBM component specs. This yields an unparalleled server platform capable of supporting up to four double wide Nvidia visual computing Quadro GPUs or Nvidia raw computing Tesla Accelerators.

DroneData Accelerated HPC server offerings from small to mega acceleration of 50,000 GFLOPS per server are available on demand with only one month advance rental payment and enjoy no rental period term commitment. Rent only the CPU cores and GPU cores that your application development and application deployment require. Server pricing configurator can be accessed directly at DroneData Products.