Drones are Watching Your Home

Drone captured Images- ResidencesDrones are everywhere and the public at large is becoming more aware of how these once just flying toys are being used in commercial situations. Whether it be through news, first-hand observation, or another medium, drones are rapidly gaining exposure.

A Los Angeles resident recently experienced the utility of commercial drones. His swimming pool turned green with algae due to a failed pool pump resulting in a $1500 fine when he returned from a two-week vacation. The data was captured by way of an LA County drone on West Nile virus watch.  While an unfortunate circumstance for the homeowner, it opens the door on the question:

Where is all this data going and how is it being processed?

Considering the thousands of still frame images that are stitched together by sophisticated software to create an aerial map, the amount of data captured by commercial drone operations is staggering. To keep up with this processing and storage demand, some very high-powered computing resources are required.

Unlike desktops, DroneData® Cloud infrastructure addresses this challenge by providing a scalable high performance platform to ingest dense data streams, render analytic solutions and can be accessed anywhere on any device.  DroneData dedicated GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) enabled servers can be loaded with any application software to address the drone operator’s back office needs from the field and are available 24×7.