What does one million drones under the Christmas tree really mean?

By New Years, several hundred thousand drones in need of various repairs will be boxed and awaiting drone manufacturers to respond with Repair Authorization docs.

By end of Q1 2016, a hundred thousand novice pilots will begin looking for a way to monetize their Christmas gift without a 333 exemption.

Throughout 2016, thousands of commercial drone operators with a recent 333 exemption will be fighting over small dollar jobs. Drone strikes and near misses will escalate to a continuous frequency.

Can the commercial drone operators make enough income to cover their costs?

DroneData thinks not, at least under the current model.

Drone operators – forget buying the next better vehicle and camera each quarter and concentrate on the customer’s data you collect during the flight. Monetize the flight data and deliver the analytics, mapping and models quickly to the customer or you will be out of business before Christmas 2016.

Pix4D is one of the most popular 2D mosaic map and 3D modeling software in use today. The application requires serious cap ex to purchase the software license and a powerful desktop to render on.

How will the traditional drone start up cash flow these additional expenses?

DroneData founder Martin Woodall believes only by renting both the “Best in Class” applications and the required compute infrastructure – not owning it.  Woodall believes the drone sector quick sand will continue to claim a software app and drone hardware victim weekly.

DroneData is releasing their new rendering cloud servers at the Commercial UAV Expo next week in Las Vegas.  If you are a commercial drone operator you will be interested in the DroneData announcement.


As we continue to advance the DroneData cloud compute offerings, we encourage your feedback and discussion regarding the hurdles of monetizing the data produced by commercial drone operations.