Compute and Storage Infrastructure for Drone Operators

DroneData® servers and cloud storage can be operated worldwide from any location that has cellular or Wi-Fi connectivity.  Operators connect using free Windows Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) on desktops/laptops and free IOS/Android store apps for Smartphone and tablet connection. All DroneData offerings are agnostic to the brand of drone you are flying.

Our servers are physical and dedicated (not shared) to a customer account.  DroneData servers and cloud storage are billed monthly and at a flat rate. Servers and cloud storage are on 24×7 (unlike a virtual instance) ready to store your flight data and process your back office tasks for a cost far less than any AWS dedicated services.  Capital for multiple high end back office desktops is eliminated.

In our Texas data centers we have Dell Windows servers for back office apps specific to drone operator requirements and IBM Windows GPU enabled servers delivering the highest rendering performance available today from any provider (benchmark is AWS EC2 GPU g2.8xlarge instance). Internationally, DroneData infrastructure is delivered from our Federation data centers currently in 22 countries.

Currently, our IBM GPU servers are preloaded with Pix4D, but any rendering or operator specific software can be installed as well. Application software licenses must be acquired from the respective manufacturers as they are not bundled with our servers.

We also have hardware encrypted cloud storage for $16 USD per TB per month per user. This storage is directly accessible by our server applications, IOS/Android and desktops/laptops. This allows flight generated data to get uploaded to the DroneData cloud storage from the field (SD cards or Wifi from drone) and then immediately initiate back office applications on your dedicated server before your pilots return to home base.

Time is money in the Drone business so delivering drone flight data and analytics to the customer faster while preserving working capital is good on all fronts”.

Martin Woodall, Founder and

DroneData – Turning Data into Dollars