Drones Monitor Inventory Levels in Walmart Warehouses

drones are being used to measure inventory levels in big box retailersWalmart has been testing the effectiveness of drones to check warehouse inventory levels inside its US distribution centers for several months now. However. the retail giant as well as others like Amazon will have a wait a bit longer to test home package delivery due to the most recent FAA rule changes.

The utilization of drones could likely assist Walmart to check inventory levels and report restocking advice automatically via machine learning – pattern recognition custom applications. Images collected by drone and interpreted by sophisticated analytics applications could yield near real-time physical inventory information.

Drones can likely learn to fly warehouses aisles safely but can the collected images ultimately alert purchasing when a product is out of stock or is stocked incorrectly? Do reliable learning applications that can differentiate between the image of a pallet of peanut butter versus a pallet of laundry soap exist today? This is the fundamental technology hurdle that must be addressed by industries adopting drones into their workflow. A new breed of analytics applications supported by unique computing infrastructure is required to process image based data sets to utilize the full potential of data collected by drones.

Data center servers supporting companies today are optimized to process, store and move character based data in/out efficiently.  To the contrary, servers for processing image or pixel base data require high compute power to support the algorithm heavy software applications.  To accomplish this servers must configured for maximum computing performance incorporating the fastest CPU processors, accelerated memory, flash storage subsystems and then further accelerated by GPU CUDA processors.

DroneData® GPU Accelerated Servers utilize the recently released Intel Broadwell CPUs, multiple use case specific Nvidia GPUs along with DroneData Turbo Boost Architecture. The configuration is designed specifically to support all compute intensive applications at a performance level unmatched by any server OEM.

If you are considering integrating drones into your current workflow, first consider the requirements to perform analysis on image data sets. DroneData GPU Accelerated Servers are dedicated hardware for each customer and reside in a SOC 3 compliant Tier III data center in Dallas Texas. All DroneData server products are available through a monthly fee with no term commitments.  Visit us to see the benefits of using DroneData GPU Accelerated Servers to support all your resource intensive applications that analyze image data sets.