Artificial Intelligence – The Holy Grail of Computing

Artificial Intelligence is the holy grail of computing. Learning through highly sophisticated Deep Neural Networks (DNN) is the critical ingredient enabling machines to be so intelligent that they learn on their own. In this neural learning environment a perceptron is being trained for object recognition and classification. Already academia, scientists and a broad spectrum of industries recognize GPUs as the computing[…]

Artificial Intelligence is Impacting our Workplace and Lives

Artificial Intelligence is the Apex technology of the information age and will impact absolutely everything in our workplace and lives.  Goldman Sachs Researchers believe that “Today’s machine self-learning capability is the most far-reaching and significant advancement of the 21st century.” Simply put, our world is moving beyond people instructing machines to operate by pre-programmed coding to a new era where people present problems to machines[…]

AI and Deep Learning Redefine High Performance Compute

Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning recent advances redefine the existing High Performance Compute (HPC) baseline. The new compute requirement is now termed Accelerated High Performance Compute and measured by the metric known as Floating Point Operations per Second (FLOPS wiki). To keep up with the latest generation of applications under development and being deployed already, companies will have no choice but to expand their[…]

Nvidia GPU Enables Drone Inspections to Utilize AI

Automated inspections by an intelligent drone with deep-learning capabilities was recently demonstrated at the European GPU Technology Conference. Aerialtronics, a Dutch UAS manufacturer; Neurala, a creator of deep-learning software; and NVIDIA, the world leader in GPU accelerated computing jointly developed the prototype.  AI will take drone autonomy to the next level in the near future where “drone inspections[…]