About Accelerated Servers


The maturing drone data analytics sector and the recent advances in Artificial Intelligence as well as eGaming, reactive, autonomous, self-aware, and self-learning machines has caused the existing High Performance Compute (HPC) baseline to be redefined. The new compute requirement is now termed Accelerated High Performance Compute and measured by the metric known as Floating Point Operations per Second (FLOPS wiki).

To keep up with the latest generation of applications under development and being deployed already, organizations will have no choice but to expand their computing infrastructure also to include this new CPU accelerated and GPU accelerated computing architecture where performance is measured in FLOPS. Today it’s all about Accelerated HPC servers delivering Giga (1,000,000,000) FLOPS pioneered by industry leader Nvidia with their commercial line of Quadro visual computing Graphics Processing Units (GPU) and their commercial line of Tesla Computing Accelerators.


DroneData® is the only hosting provider of accelerated servers that support the entire commercial product line of Nvidia GPUs and Accelerators.  From under 200 visual computing cores to over 20,000 computing cores per server, DroneData Intel i7 server offerings deliver more single and double precision GFLOPS than any other hosting server provider including Amazon Web Services (AWS), IBM/Softlayer, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

DroneData CPU accelerated and GPU accelerated server models are available to deliver cost effective small to the mega acceleration of 50,000 GFLOPS per server. Windows server end users also enjoy full mobile access to installed applications. Preserve capital by renting and retain flexibility as your accelerated computing requirements change.


The three standard Windows and Linux server offerings are available with no setup fees, only one month advance rental payment and have no term commitments.  Simply select the server CPU model, O/S and the Nvidia product and pay the first month with credit card payments processed by PayPal.  Read more on DroneData 12 to 20 CPU core accelerated server model configurations as well as options for custom configured models incorporating one to four Nvidia Quadro or Telsa products.

Users that have existing desktops supporting analytics, eGaming, and  AI applications can easily compare their current computing power with DroneData accelerated server computing power.  The 30 day free utility AIDA64 Extreme has a CPU – GPU benchmark test utility that will report the GFLOPS produced by the both the CPU and GPU. The GFLOPS values can then be compared against those same two benchmarks using the posted DroneData server reported CPU GFLOPS and well as the reported GFLOPS for each of the Nvidia Quadro GPUs and Tesla Accelerators.


Visit DroneData Accelerated High Performance Compute Products and price the accelerated server configuration of interest.

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