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Advanced Computing

Drone image processing requires specialty configured compute resources. DroneData GPU equipped Render Engines deliver the performance to minimize render times over any other solution.

Data Analysis

Analytics for pixel based data requires the development of a new class of apps. DroneData provides the environment to develop, distribute and execute applications as sensors advance.

Project Delivery

DroneData dedicated infrastructure enables small to large enterprises to receive the value of integrating big data captured by drones into their operations by seamless accessibility to project deliverables.

What We Do

Compute Platform

Always On GPU Accelerated Servers

Drone specific applications have drone specific infrastructure requirements. Get the processing horsepower your business needs to quickly deploy and operate applications. Leave behind per minute virtual server invoicing and complexities. Maximize operating profits with a straightforward infrastructure solution that can be scaled and accessorized as needed.

DroneData Infrastructure

Go Mobile and Operate From Anywhere

Take your office mobile knocking down productivity barriers and spend more time in the field. Access your business applications executing from one high performance data center environment and from any device. Mobile access and a familiar Windows environment will keep your team in high productivity mode regardless of location.

High Speed

Data Transfer at Lightning Speeds

Drone produced data sets continue to swell in size from megabytes to gigabytes and beyond. The time spent moving data from the field to initiate processing, delays project delivery. Connect your favorite cloud storage provider at 1+ Gbps speeds to DroneData servers to drastically reduce data transfer times and start processing quicker.

Technology Partners

Turning Data Into Dollars

Drones are changing the way business operate by boosting productivity and improving the bottom line. DroneData designs and develops the best possible computing solutions for the commercial drone industry. In addition, established partnerships with leading technology firms such as General Datatech provides access to world-class engineering resources and testing facilities.


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About Us

Martin is an experienced business leader with a strong pedigree and proven ability to build high performance teams and bring technology solutions to market. Prior to founding DroneData, Martin has had nearly 40 years of technology experience and successful liquidity events including
Parker Lee
Chief Marketing Officer
Parker has deep experience with high impact go-to-market strategies from his time with Gartner. There, he worked with C-Level executives to mitigate risk and experience accelerated growth. He has had successes taking new business and technology solutions to market.

DroneData resides within a SOC 3 compliant Tier III data center environment adjacent to the Dallas Central Business District, with multiple secondary sites in the US and abroad. The data center was originally built for (1995) and then Yahoo (1999) after its acquisition of The facility was subsequently upgraded and reopened in 2011 with focus on boutique products and services.

As aerial platforms and semi-autonomous and fully autonomous vehicles proliferate into our everyday lives, the amount of new software and data generated by their operation and their sensors will overwhelm the storage capacities of the world’s data centers. The compute resources to monetize this new avalanche of data will drive the development of advanced technologies for data storage, data security and data processing.
Martin Woodall Founder August 2014


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