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GPU Accelerated Servers

Image processing, pattern recognition, machine learning, artificial intelligence and autonomous everything require specialty configured computing resources. Only DroneData dedicated non-virtualized GPU accelerated servers can deliver the performance required by these new classes of compute intensive applications.

Fixed Price Always On

Fixed monthly price for storage and servers makes budgeting a breeze and eliminates time-consuming cloud instance on/off housekeeping. Always-on consistent GPU server performance as resources are not shared with neighboring cloud clients. Unlike other providers only the latest Nvidia Pascal generation GPUs and Accelerators are deployed.

Image Enhancement

Hundreds of millions of images and videos are being captured every second around the world. Innovative machine learning analytics and new storage efficiencies are now required. DroneData patented image enhancement and simultaneous file size reduction technology support these necessary advances.

What We Do

Compute Platform

Always On GPU Accelerated Servers

As Drones, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Autonomous everything generate terabytes, petabytes, and zettabytes of new data daily DroneData is the off premises solution for case specific applications and analytics utilizing compute intensive GPU server architecture.

Architecture of Acceleration

Delivering More GFLOPS Than Any Other Cloud Offering

All DroneData hosted Windows and Linux CPU/GPU server configurations are built on single tenant – dedicated hardware platforms, never virtualized. Servers can be populated with up to four Nvidia GPU Accelerators which is 100% more GFLOPS than the cloud offerings from other providers. They're still using old generation K80 accelerators.

Speed Analytics Delivery

Image Enhancement with File Size Reduction

DroneData is reducing image transport time with the release of our Magic Picture® solution to the iTunes store as well as robust accessibility via web and API. Higher clarity and reduced file size for Images and Videos is exclusively available from DroneData. The image enhancement process works seamlessly on stills, thermals and multispectral images reducing high megapixel images up to 65% in the field before transmission begins. Demo the amazing results today.

Technology Partners

Support All Nvidia Quadro GPUs and Tesla Accelerators

DroneData is the only hosting provider of accelerated servers that support the entire commercial product line of Nvidia GPUs and Accelerators. The three standard Windows and Linux server offerings are available with no setup fees, only one month advance rental payment and have no term commitments. The first month with credit card payments processed by PayPal.



About Us

Martin is an experienced business leader with a strong pedigree and proven ability to build high performance teams and bring technology solutions to market. Prior to founding DroneData, Martin has had nearly 40 years of technology experience and successful liquidity events including
Parker Lee
Chief Marketing Officer
Parker has deep experience with high impact go-to-market strategies from his time with Gartner. There, he worked with C-Level executives to mitigate risk and experience accelerated growth. He has had successes taking new business and technology solutions to market.
Dr. Will Smith
Chief Strategist
Dr. Smith serves as the Director of Academic Partnerships and is a published researcher in the field of drones and big data following a successful entrepreneurial career. Through his post-doctoral research fellowship brought about successful relationships with leading research universities to advance artificial intelligence High Performance GPU Computing.

DroneData resides within a SOC 3 compliant Tier II data center environment adjacent to the Dallas Central Business District, with multiple secondary sites in the US and abroad. The data center was originally built for (1995) and then Yahoo (1999) after its acquisition of The facility was subsequently upgraded and reopened in 2011 with focus on boutique products and services.

As aerial platforms and semi-autonomous and fully autonomous vehicles proliferate into our everyday lives, the amount of new software and data generated by their operation and their sensors will overwhelm the storage capacities of the world’s data centers. The compute resources to monetize this new avalanche of data will drive the development of advanced technologies for data storage, data security and data processing.
Martin Woodall Founder August 2014


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